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Get ALFTP at Cnet.com      Click to ZOOM ALFTP (new window)

ALFTP is an easy FTP client for beginners with a speedy interface for power-users. And with the built in ALFTP FTP Server, you can easily share files with friends and family.

+ SFTP Connection
+ Fresh modern look
+ Automatically retries failed file transfers
+ Transfer files greater than 4 GB
+ Direct Editing files on FTP servers backs up files when transfers fail

 Download ALFTP and see for yourself:

  1. Free Trial for 60 Days
  2. 100% Full Functionality
  3. User-Friendly FTP Client
  4. User-Friendly FTP Server
  5. Drag and Drop with ALFTP's Client Explorer and Server Explorer
  6. More Information...


ALFTP v5.2 -   Download ALFTP or  get it free at   
And discover how easy FTPing can really be.

For Professionals and System Administrators

Need an FTP client that is easy enough for your users, but powerful enough for you? ALFTP is the perfect solution. Simple enough for children, and powerful enough for demanding users. Click here to find out more.

Download ALFTP and find out how easy it can be for your users and customers.   

System Requirements

ALFTP is a very light application and runs very happily on slower and older hardware. On newer machines, ALFTP is blazing fast.


Requirement Minimum Recommended
CPU Pentium 150 MHz Pentium II 400 MHz +
RAM 32 MB 128 MB +
Hard Disk 10 MB 20 MB +
Video 800 x 600 256 color + 1024 x 768 @ 16 bit color
OS Windows 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista (x86, x64) / 7 (x86, x64)
Other Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher

* Anti-Virus software for integration
* Outlook or Outlook Express for email integration