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How ALPass Helps...

For Home Users | For Professionals and Administrators | For Your Computer

For Home Users

Designed to be simple enough for kids and powerful enough for pros, ALPass is the perfect login and password manager for every home. To mention just a few benefits:

  • No learning curve - ALPass does things automatically for you
  • Secure for multiple users and ideal for shared computers
  • Comprehensive functionality

No learning curve
You already know that you want to keep your personal information secure and easy to use, and so does ALPass. Everything is laid out clearly and simply for you. Want to autofill a form? Click the "Autofill" button. It's all that simple.

Secure for shared computers
When you want to keep your logins and passwords secure and the whole family uses the same computer, you want ALPass. Create individual user accounts for mom, dad, little sister, and even your best friend that never seems to go home. Everyone can have their own accounts with their own personal sites customized just like they want.

Comprehensive functionality
ALPass has everything you need to make life easier. Autofill logins and passwords automatically or with a single click. Automatically backup your personal logins and passwords. It's all in there in 1 cute ALTools PC utility.

For more information on ALPass, check out all its features.

Download ALPass for free find out why millions of people are ALPassing into their favorite websites.

For Home Users | For Professionals and Administrators | For Your Computer

For Professionals and Administrators

Whether you have a small organization or you have to support 10,000 users, ALPass can help your organization be more productive.

Ease and Power: Like all ALTools, ALPass is user-friendly and super-user-friendly. Easy enough for children and powerful enough for IT pros, everyone in your organization can get up to speed in mere minutes. And for busy system administrators, that spells less time on user support and more time for more important tasks.

Keep Valuable Company Data in the Company: If your employees are using the Internet for work, then their logins and passwords are valuable pieces of company property. ALPass can keep track of all of that and export it to a secure file for you when employees leave your company. You keep good track of your equipment and hard assets, but are you keeping track of your online assets?

Maximize IT Skills: Since ALPass is free for home users, everyone can bring those skills they develop at home to the office.

Excellent Pricing: With fantastic volume pricing, ALPass lets your stretch your IT dollar and get more done with less.

Strong Security: Whether your users just need to save time logging into sites or you have shared computers, ALPass secures everyone's logins and passwords with strong 3DES encryption.

The Right Tools: The consistent (and cute) interfaces in the ALTools family of PC utilities make learning a new program simple. You wouldn't put 4 different wheels on your car. Why would you treat your computer any different?

Download ALPass and find out why more people trust ALPass to secure their logins and passwords.

For Home Users | For Professionals and Administrators | For Your Computer

For Your Computer

ALTools are designed for speed and efficiency, so you can expect the same excellent performance from ALPass. Well designed applications like ALTools don't overtax your computer, which means a smoother computing experience for you, and less stress for your computer.

No Spyware, No Adware, No Junkware: ALPass has no extra unwanted baggage packaged with it to slow down your computer. ALPass is completely free for home users, and free without any catches like spyware, adware, or malware. Other "free" programs serve ads and popups, collect information about your browsing habits, and others even steal information. ALPass does what it says it will do without any of that nonsense. When we say free... we mean free~!

Application Speed: Tight programming means less stress on your computer, letting it run faster and cleaner. When performance matters, ALPass is the right choice.

Workflow Speed: ALPass can do everything automatically for you, eliminating repetitive typing and clicking, which lets you do things faster and spend more time on important things. It also puts less stress on slower computers.

Seamless Internet Explorer Integration: ALPass works seamlessly with Internet Explorer so you save time and in turn, your computer saves resources.

Download ALPass and have your computer join the millions of other happy computers running ALTools.