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Automatically Login to Web Sites

Auto login to web sitesIn addition to autofilling forms, ALPass can submit them for you, so that the moment you navigate to a login page, ALPass fills in everything and submits it for you.

To autologin to sites, just check your preference.


Core Features

What it is... What you can do...
* NEW * Removeable Storage Save ALPass to your USB drive or iPod then take all your web logins with you!
Auto Complete Automatically fill in login forms
Auto Submit Automatically submit login forms
Auto Recognize Automatically recognize web sites and login forms
Secure Encrypted login/password databases keep your information safe and secure
Highlight Forms Highlights login forms for you in your choice of colors
Database Never forget another ID or password again!
Multi-User Everyone in the family can have their own private DB
FREE~! ALPass is 100% free. Free to use. Free of adware. Free of spyware. Free is free :)