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Secure Multiple User Support

Mutiple users can use the same computer and even the same Windows login. ALPass keeps everybody's logins and passwords private, seperate, and safe.

ALPass supports an unlimited number of users, so whether you have 5 people using the same computer at home, or 5,000 people using a shared public computer, powerful encryption keeps everyone's information safe and secure.

For added convenience, if you add an extra computer to the house, you can move your own ALPass encrypted database over to the new computer and continue using ALPass to automatically log you into your web sites.

Core Features

What it is... What you can do...
* NEW * Removeable Storage Save ALPass to your USB drive or iPod then take all your web logins with you!
Auto Complete Automatically fill in login forms
Auto Submit Automatically submit login forms
Auto Recognize Automatically recognize web sites and login forms
Secure Encrypted login/password databases keep your information safe and secure
Highlight Forms Highlights login forms for you in your choice of colors
Database Never forget another ID or password again!
Multi-User Everyone in the family can have their own private DB
FREE~! ALPass is 100% free. Free to use. Free of adware. Free of spyware. Free is free :)