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Install to Removeable Storate - USB / iPod

Install ALPass to your USB drive or iPod!You asked for USB drive support - and now we're delivering more!

ALPass can be installed to ANY removeable storage device like your USB drive, your iPod and more. Here's a quick list of a few places you can install ALPass:

  • USB Flash Drives
  • USB External Hard Drives
  • Firewire External Hard Drives
  • iPod when set to allow file storage
  • MP3 Players and other PMPs that connect as external storage
  • Digital Cameras that register as removeable storage
  • Memory Cards for digital cameras and mobile phones with a card reader such as:
    • PC Cards
    • CompactFlash I
    • CompactFlash II
    • SmartMedia
    • Memory Stick
    • Memory Stick Duo
    • Memory Stick Micro M2
    • Multimedia Card
    • Reduced Size Multimedia Card
    • MMCmicro Card
    • Secure Digital Card (SD Cards)
    • Secure Digital High Capacity Cards (SDHC Cards)
    • miniSD Card
    • microSD Card
    • PRO and PRO Duo Memory Sticks
    • xD-Picture Card
    • Intelligent Stick
    • µ card
  • And many more...

As long as your removeable storage identifies itself as a drive, you can install ALPass to it.

Now you can securely take your web logins and passwords anywhere!

Some places that you might find this useful:

  • Public Library
  • Home & Office
  • Internet Cafes
  • Airport Computers
  • A Friend's House
  • On the Road with your Laptop

Download ALPass for your iPod or USB key Download ALPass today!

Core Features

What it is... What you can do...
* NEW * Removeable Storage Save ALPass to your USB drive or iPod then take all your web logins with you!
Auto Complete Automatically fill in login forms
Auto Submit Automatically submit login forms
Auto Recognize Automatically recognize web sites and login forms
Secure Encrypted login/password databases keep your information safe and secure
Highlight Forms Highlights login forms for you in your choice of colors
Database Never forget another ID or password again!
Multi-User Everyone in the family can have their own private DB
FREE~! ALPass is 100% free. Free to use. Free of adware. Free of spyware. Free is free :)