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ALSee Image Viewer 

ALSee Image Viewer

ALSee Image Viewer is a sophisticated image browser that is simple to use. It supports 23 different image formats.

ALSee Image Viewer is a user friendly program that supports 3 different viewing modes: Browse mode, Zoom mode and Full Screen mode. 

There are also advanced features in ALSee Image Viewer: Slideshow, View Multiple Pictures in one screen and Batch Editing.

Last but not least, you can use ALSee Movie Maker to combine your pictures and make a movie.



ALSee Image Viewer - Three Viewing Modes
Three Viewing Modes

ALSee Image Viewer supports three different viewing modes - Browse mode, Zoom mode and Full Screen mode.


Browse mode is a browser with user interface which lets you search or manage files easy with ALSee.


Full Screen mode lets you view the image the largest. If you want to appreciate the picture, switch to full screen mode. The slide show is activated in this mode, too.


Zoom mode gives you another image viewing advantage. It shows the picture on a large screen, and also contains the toolbar on the top and the bottom for user convenience.




ALSee Slideshow 
ALSee Slideshow enables you to watch pictures in sequence using delicate alpha blending mode with background music. 
 If you place a MP3 file or a WMV file on the folder you want to play slideshow of your pictures, the music file will be automatically played.
ALSee Slideshow adopts Alpha Blending effect when viewing the next picture. This effect maximizes your emotional feelings when watching your photos.



ALSee Image Viewer - View Multiple Pictures
View Multiple Pictures
ALSee Image Viewer has an option to view two to four pictures in a screen on Zoom Mode.
 By this viewing mode, the numbers of your clicks to see the pictures in your folder decrease tremendously. You can also compare photos you have taken for one scene and choose the best one.
Above all these advantages, the best way to use this function is when watching cartoons, especially Japanese mangas. If you are a manga addict, ALSee Image Viewer is your choice.



ALSee Movie Maker
With ALSee Movie Maker, you can create a movie with your photos in WMV format.
Let's say you want to create a video for upcoming wedding event. Load your memorable photos you took with your fiance in ALSee. After few single steps, your photos will turn into a wonderful movie.
You can also add background music in your movie.



View 23 Image Formats

 You can open 23 different formats listed below when using ALSee.
  • ANI : Windows animated cursor file format
  • BMP : Bitmap graphic files for Windows and OS/2
  • CAL : Windows calendar files
  • FAX : GFI fax image file
  • GIF : CompuServe Graphics Interchange File
  • IMG : Graphical Environment Manager (GEM) Image file
  • JBG : (JBIG) Joint Bi-level Image experts Group file
  • JPE : JPEG/JIFF Image file
  • JPEG: JPEG bitmap graphic file
  • JPG : JPEG/JIFF Image file
  • MAC : MacPaint image file
  • PBM : Portable BitMap image file
  • PCD : Kodak Photo-CD image file
  • PCX : RLE compressed ZSoft PC paintbrush bitmap file
  • PCT : MacIntosh PICT image file
  • PGM : Portable Greymap file
  • PNG : Portable Network Graphics bitmap graphic file
  • PPM : Portable Pixmap file
  • PSD : Adobe Photoshop bitmap file
  • RAS : Sun Raster image file
  • TGA : Targa bitmap
  • TIFF: Tag Image File Format bitmap file
  • WMF : Windows Meta File