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Add Word Balloons to Pictures

 Adding word balloons with ALSee lets you bring your pictures to life and preserve precious memories of the moment. Simply load your picture and click to add any of several different word balloon styles:

8 word balloong types
  • Thought Clouds
  • Sharp Rectangle Word Balloons
  • Round Word Balloons
  • Rounded Corner Word Balloons

Adding text to your word balloons is just as easy to add or modify. Type it then choose a font and color. Drag it into your word balloon and you're done. You can even add digital camera information (EXIF info) to your word balloons!

Add Speech Bubble to your image

For more complex pictures, you can add multiple word balloons with multiple pieces of text for each, changing fonts and colors to best suit your own pictures. Download ALSee Now


Download ALSee Now ALSee sports a rich feature set with an equally rich interface that's designed to help you do what you want as quickly and easily as possible. Have a quick look at a few highlights below. Click them for screen shots and more information.

Picture Viewing

What it is... What you can do...
View 23 Picture Formats View any picture easily - All the most common, and some not so common formats are included
Slide Shows View pictures & photos with MP3 background music
Browse, Zoom & Edit Modes Quickly switch between various convenient modes to do what you want easily
Set Desktop Wallpaper Keep your computer fresh and interesting with new pictures everyday
Perfect Printing Powerful print options let you print perfectly the first time, everytime
Convert Picture Formats Change picture formats for the web or print

Photo Editing

What it is... What you can do...
Save 5 Picture Formats For the web or print, the most important image formats are yours
Cut Selected Area Cut pictures by size, cut ratio or presets
Red Eye Removal Reduce the redness of eye with one-easy-click
Horizontal Alignment Balance the tilted photos with helpful grid-lines
Stamp Insert cute stamps or images to decoratee your photos
Resize & Rotate Pictures Change pictures quickly to fit
Adjust Colors & Levels Fine tune your pictures to make them shine
Overlay Pictures & Text Add picture and text overlays to decorate and personalize your pictures
Word Balloons Bring pictures to life and make them speak with word balloons
Picture Frames Frame your pictures with different virtual picture frames or create personalized picture frames
Special FX Add visual FX to your pictures
Save Picture Selections Similar to cropping, this lets you keep part of a picture and throw out the rest

Advanced Functionality

What it is... What you can do...
Pixel Info Viewer Find any color on your screen
Batch Conversions Change picture formats, rename pictures, or resize pictures by the thousands
ALSee Photo Library Drag photos into he Photo Library to add changes to  your photos and to make a movie
ALSee Movie Maker Create your own movie (.wmv) with your photos and a favorite song, playing on the background
Batch Rename Pictures Rename thousands of pictures to save time
Thumbnail Size Control Adjust picture thumbnail sizes larger or smaller for optimal viewing