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Automatically Download Video Codecs

Click to ZOOM - ALShow Online Video Codec CenterFor those rare occasions when you don't have the right codec, ALShow can automatically recognize the codec and help you to download and install it in a couple minutes. That saves you time from searching the Internet to find them.

Very simply, ALShow can understand what you want to do, then tell you which codec you need, and provide you with the right codec download and full instructions on how to install the codec.

From right inside ALShow, the ALShow Codec Center has many codecs that are perhaps less popular or that you're not likely to need. But when you do need them, the ALShow Codec Center let's you download and install them in minutes, not hours.

Download ALShow NowDownload ALShow today and never search for another codec again.


Download ALShow NowCore Features

What it is... What you can do...
Codecs Included Always play that new video on the first click
Online Codecs Center Get new codecs automatically
Captions & Subtitles Read while you watch
Massive Format Support Play 24+ file extensions
High Quality Video Smooth & clear playback makes watching a true pleasure
Streaming Video Watch streaming video on the Internet
Multi-Channel Sound Enjoy multi-channel 3D surround sound


What it is... How it helps...
Loop Videos You want to see that again? Again? Again? Again? ...
Stylish Skins Change the look & feel with ALShow skins
Bookmarks Skip to "Exciting Action Scene" instead of 00:48:52
Playlists & Favorites Create custom playlists just like MP3 players
TV Output Play on your computer or your TV *
NO SPYWARE Safe and secure like all ALTools
FULLY FUNCTIONAL No time limits, no disabled functions

Advanced Functionality

What it is... What you can do...
A/V Capture Capture video, audio, or picture stills to disk
Screen Repositioning Move the screen inside of ALShow
Change Aspect Ratios Force a movie to TV, DVD or other aspect ratio
Stretch Videos Stretch the screen taller or wider
Advanced Video Controls Fine tune brightness, contrast, hue and saturation
Instantly Hide ALShow Perfect for when you're supposed to be doing homework...
Audio Normalization Keep loud & soft sounds in check for a better listening experience