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ALSong Live Song Lyrics Music MP3 Player 

More than just another MP3 Player, ALSong is your LIVE SONG LYRICS source.

Bring your music to life with:

SCREEN SHOTS and more about ALSong's many musical features...

ALSong v1.9 - Live Music & Lyrics Player Download the ALSong Live Lyrics MP3 PlayerDownload ALSong today to hear your music, and READ your music!

For Teachers and Language Professionals

Do you teach language or music? Would you like a great free audio player to help your students? ALSong is the answer for your language learning and music learning needs. The ALSong Live Song Lyrics MP3 player is easy to work with, easy to customize, and a perfect solution for your language or music class.

Find out how ALSong helps in language and music classes.


System Requirements

ALSong runs happily on even older or slower hardware.

Requirement Minimum Recommended
CPU Celeron 333 MHz Pentium III 700 MHz +
RAM 64 MB 256 MB +
Hard Disk 10 MB 20 MB +
Video Any 1024 x 768 @ 16 bit color +
Sound 16 bit sound card 32 bit sound card +

Internet Explorer 5.01 +
Windows Media Player 7.0 +
DirectX 8.0 +

Internet Explorer 6.0 +
Windows Media Player 9.0 +
DirectX 8.0 +

OS Windows 2000 / XP / Vista (32/64-bit)

No special optional recommendations