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Create Mixed Music Albums

Create a mixed music albumRemember making mixed tapes? Scribbling artist names, song titles, and decorations on tape sleeves? Well the new and improved virtual version of the mixed tape or mixed CD is here.

ALSong albums let you create custom music mixes of your favorite artists and songs. You can decorate your mixed albums with album art, photos, and a description or message.

Like a portable playlist, you can save your mixed music albums to a USB key to take with you. (Very useful when visiting a friend that has bad taste in music~! My music is the best~! )

FREE MUSIC DOWNLOADS: ALTools is proud to bring you some fanstastic free music downloads. The complete albums are attractively packaged in the ALSong album format to give you a small taste of what you can do with ALSong albums. Download free music here! Free Music~!

Here are a couple examples of some albums, both mixed, and non-mixed:

Depeche Mode - Ultra

The playlist is clickable, which starts that song playing in ALSong.

And the same with album art:

Depeche Mode - Ultra with album art

Of course you can include your own pictures or digital photos to personalize your mixed music for yourself or a special friend.

Creating mixed music albums is easy:

Create mixed music albums

And with the Image Theme, that mixed music album would look like this:

Create mixed music albums

Like all album templates, you can easily customize them with your own digital photos.

There's no end to your creativity, and with ALSong albums, there're no limits for your music. Advanced users can even modify the HTML for ultra-customization control!

Download the ALSong Live Lyrics MP3 Player Download ALSong today and get started mixing your own albums to keep the party going!


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Download the ALSong Live Lyrics MP3 Player Download ALSong