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ALZip EGG Format A New Compression Format

ALZip represents a new compression file format, the EGG file! EGG file is great for global usage since it supports for Unicode. Compressing into EGG file saves you time to convert the language of the archive you need to encode. EGG file is a smart archive that selects the best method to compress. The Optimized Compression option analyzes the files and decides whether it should concentrate on compression ratio or compression speed or others. EGG file is also designed for very large archives. There is no data loss when compressing in EGG file.

Check more of the great functions of EGG below.

NOTE: EGG format is functional in ALZip 8.0 or higher!



EGG Format Features

Compressing into EGG file gives you the following great benefits:


Unicode Supported
 EGG file is an UTF-8 (8 bit Unicode Transformation Format) supported archive which maintains the character information around the world regardless of the PC’s operating system’s language. This means that the archive you have compressed can be used all over the world without converting the language of the archive.


 Optimized Compression of EGG file chooses the best compression method you will want by analyzing the files’ attributes. For example, image file JPG format is already a compressed file while BMP is non-compressed. Normally, compressing JPG files doesn’t reduce the file size of the archive, while bmp does tremendously. In these cases, you won't want to compress bunch of JPG files concentrating on compression size, which will reduce almost none of the original size. On the other hand, you will want to concentrate more on reducing size when compressing lots of BMP files. Optimized Compression automatically decides the method by analyzing the files to be compressed.. How smart, isn’t it?


Smallest Size
 Solid Compression greatly reduces the size of the file. When the files to be compressed have similar patterns, Solid Compression method connects all files as if they are one file. If the files’ pattern matches or duplicate information exists, Solid Compression can greatly reduce the size of the archive.

* Caution: Since Solid Compression connects all files, Solid-Compressed archive will have limits on adding or deleting each files. Always all files in the archive should be extracted. In addition, part of the damage of the archive will damage the entire archive.


Prepared for Enhancements
 EGG file is designed to add additional information when any enhancement is made. For this, the format structure doesn't have to be changed. When enhancements are made, it can still execute the basic functions - compress, extract, solid compression, ... - in previous versions of ALZip.


Platform Compatibility 
 EGG file contains all information of different platforms. For example, an EGG archive compressed in Windows can be successfully extracted in Linux.


High Security 
 EGG file allows you to encrypt password using AES-256 encryption, a highly secured encryption algorithm.


Large Capacity 
 EGG file is designed to contain large capacity of data in an archive. No need to be concerned of any data loss when creating large size archive.



Download Egg/UnEgg Module

For commercial use, please contact us at support@estsoft.com.
Please read the license in each file carefully before using Egg/UnEgg Module.
Egg Format Specification |   UnEgg Module  |   UnEgg SourceCode (For Linux)

 See more about the EGG License