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Integrate AntiVir PE Classic with ALZip

Integrate the protection and security of your anti-virus program with ALZip to make archiving, compressing, extracting, even safer than ever. There are many anti-virus programs on the market, and each of them need to be configured specifically for the program that you are using. This does not make it easier for the average computer user, but hopefully this guide will point you in the right direction.

The directions below are for integrating AntiVir Personal Edition Classic, which is a freeware program developed by Avira. The outline is meant to be a guide. Additional steps may be necessary depending on your computer configuration.

There is only one method of integrating AntiVir PE Classic with ALZip.

Command-line (Console) Method

To configure ALZip for the command-line or console method, follow these steps:

  • In the main menubar in ALZip, go to Tools > Preferences, or press the F4 key.
  • Click on the Programs tab.
  • Click on the folder icon in the Virus Scanner section.


  • Browse to the folder where AntiVir Personal Edition Classic  is installed on your computer then select avcmd.exe
  • Click the Open button


  • Your preferences window will look like the figure below. No additional parameters are required. Click the OK button.


Now ALZip is configured for the command-line or console method. To scan any archive or compressed file for viruses using AntiVir Personal Edition Classic command-line method, follow these steps:

  • In the main menubar in ALZip, go to Actions > Scan Archive for Viruses


  • The command-line utility will automatically scan the contents of your compressed file for any viruses. Please be sure to have up-to-date virus definitions to catch the latest threats. The utility that appears will look like this.


  • If no threat is detected, press the Enter key to close the command-line utility, otherwise use AntiVir Personal Edition Classic as you normally would to control the threat.
  • If a threat is detected, exit ALZip and follow the directions given by AntiVir. Additional user action will be required to neutralize the threat from the original archive file.