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Command Line Compression

Download ALZip today ALZip now supports Command-Line Functionality. You can easily perform or automate repeated tasks with the new command line interface.

Script repetitive tasks with ALZip command line functions

Archiving (Compression)

alzip -a [Source File (or Directory) Path]

  • ALZ compressed archives are created by default.
  • When unspecified, the destination archive name is automatically created in the current time-base format (year/month/date/hour/minute).
    Ex) 200401041330.alz

alzip -a [Source File (or Directory) Path] [Destination File (or Directory) Path]

  • The ALZ archive format and the ZIP archive format are supported.
  • An archive is created in the user-designated folder.


All 35 archive formats are supported.
If the destination path lacks in disk space, extracting will quietly fail.

alzip -x [Source File (or Directory) Path]

  • ALZip creates the folder, which is the same name as the source archive, and extract the archive to the folder.

alzip -x [Source File (or Directory) Path] [Destination Directory Path]

  • Archives are extracted to a user-designated directory.

Command Line Switches

Various command line switches let you perform extra archiving tasks or modify archiving behaviour.

alzip -(a|x) <command switches> [Source File (or Directory) Path] [Destination File (or Directory) Path]

  • Command switches have different applications for creating archives and extracting archives.

List of Command Line Switches

  • Full Path (af): Include full path for files.
  • Exclude List (an[list]): Exclude listed files from archive.
  • Background (b): Run compression/extraction task as a background process, giving CPU priority to other programs.
  • Delete (d): Delete the original files when creating an archive.
  • Compression Rate (m[rate]): Choose a compression ratio from 0 (highest compression) to 4 (no compression)
  • Off (off): Logoff of the current Windows user account when task finishes
  • Password Protect (p[password]): Password protect an archive from the command line
  • Self-Extracting Archive (sfx): Create a self-extracting archive EXE file
  • Select Icon (si[index]): Choose an icon for an SFX file (from 1 to 4)
  • Test (t): Test an archive after creating it
  • Volume Size (v[size]): Create a spanned archive with volumes split into a specific size measured in bytes, KB, MB or BG
  • Exclude Folders (xf): Extract all files in archive to 1 directory
  • Exclude List (xn): Exclude all files in the comma separated list
  • Exclude Recursion (xr): Compress only files in current directory and exclude all files in subdirectories in compressed archive

With stronger command line support, you can get more done faster and easier with ALZip. But make sure to stay tuned because we're adding in more support all the time.

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