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Overwrite Files (Backup or Restore)

Overwrite files with easy precision Overwriting files can be dangerous and can lead to the loss of important data. Fortunately the overwrite options in ALZip help keep things fast, simple, and reliable. You can overwrite files:

  • Always
  • If Newer (Update)
  • If Older (Restore)

If Newer (Update)

To update a set of files on disk, the "If Newer (Update)" option will extract only those files from the archive that are newer than the files on disk. This is especially handy for large project directories.

If Older (Restore)

Restoring backups is simple with this option. Only those files from the archive that are older are written to disk. This is especially useful for restoring corrupted project directories here something has gone wrong, but you have a backup archive where the project was in a good state.

In all cases, files that don't exist on disk are extracted as well, just as you would expect them to be.

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What it is... What you can do...
ALZip SPEED EXTRACTOR! Unzip archives faster than ever!
Improved Update & Restore Overwrite files to update file sets or restore backups

Core Features

What it is... What you can do...
Open 36 Formats Open any file easily
Create 8 Formats Choose what works for you
Self-Extracting Archives (SFX/EXE) Distribute files for people without ALZip
Split (Spanned) Archives Turn huge archives into many small ones
Password Protection Keep your data secure
Lost Password Recovery Get back passwords when you forget them


What it is... How it helps...
Simple to Use Designed for ease, even small children can use ALZip
Seamless Windows Integration Faster and easier zipping, unzipping, and emailing
Create and Email Archives in 2 Clicks Save time and effort
Browse Archives View archives just like Windows Explorer
Comment Archives & Files Remember what that "asdf.doc" file is at a glance
Customizable Do things your way
NO SPYWARE Safe and secure,
FULLY FUNCTIONAL No time limits, no disabled functions

Advanced Functionality

What it is... What you can do...
ALZ Format Create archives of unlimited size - great for raw video archiving
Virus Scanner Integration Protect yourself from the dark side of the Internet
Powerful Sorting Sort files based on 11 unique properties
Open Unknown File Types Automatically open unknown files easily
Command Line Interface Write scripts to automate tasks
Test & Repair Archive Integrity Auto-repair archives or manually test them