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Create Self Extracting Archives

Self-extracting-Archives-01.gif.ashx?key=20081215 Self-Extracting Archives (SelF-eX tracting archives, or SFX) are special compressed archives files that have a built in extractor so you can open them without any additional software like ALZip.

ALZip lets you create SFX files so you can distribute your files without worrying about whether they can open them or not. Just double-click on an ALZip SFX file to open it. SFX files are executable files (EXE).

SFX options in ALZip let you:

  1. Choose a custom title for the extractor
  2. Choose an icon for the extractor
  3. Set an extraction path
  4. Run a command after the file is extracted
  5. Set the SFX for auto-extraction

And unlike other compression utilities, you don't pay for SFX functionality seperately.

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