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ALZip Speed Extractor

The Speed Extractor in ALZip is the world's fastest way to extract your archives. There are two distinct speed levels:

1. Show Menu = Fast!
2. Extract to My Default Folder = Super Fast!!

How Fast is Super Fast?

Watch the video how fast ALZip can extract files!


How to use?

 Press F4 button running ALZip and click the "Context Menu". You will see the following menu.

Speed Extractor Preference

Select an option.

The "Show menu option is a faster way to extract archives. This opens a nice, clean instant menu for you to choose from the most important archiving tasks. This is your super-fast 2-click option.

Here's what it looks like:

  Speed Extractor - Show menu

The "Extract to My Default Folder" lets you instantaneously extract archives just by double clicking on them in Windows Explorer. You get to skip all that Graphical stuff and just extract files.

It is impossible to get faster than ALZip's Speed Extractor unless the computer is reading your mind.

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