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Easter Bunnies & Chocolates Desktop Wallpapers

Easter is time for chocolate bunnies, dyed & decorated eggs, Easter baskets, Easter egg hunts, as well as springtime fun & games! And of course it's also time to put the ALTools Easter desktop wallpapers on your computer!

This Easter the ALTools Eggheads are celebrating Easter with 2 brightly colored springtime Easter desktop wallpapers.

For chocoholics CHOCOLATE~!, the first Easter desktop wallpaper is entitled "Body Painting", and has a lovable Egghead body painting himself for Easter amidst a moutain of chocolate Easter eggs. It's his first time body painting himself for Easter, so he's starting with a base coat. A couple other Eggheads are hiding among the multicolored chocolate Easter eggs.

The second ALTools Easter desktop wallpaper, "Bunnies & Eggs", features the ALTools Easter Bunny in a wide open springtime meadow with blue skies and green grass. He's a bit sad and has a tear in his eye, while a few Eggheads are nervously hiding around the meadow. You see, they're all a bit scared. Every year people eat millions of chocolate bunnies & eggs at Easter Don't eat me~!! But you can wipe that tear from the ALTools Easter Bunny's cheek and cheer him & his friends up by downloading them as your desktop background today!

Body Painting

Bunnies & Eggs

ALTools Easter Egg Body Painting Wallpaper

Download Easter Body painting Wallpapers

ALTools Easter Bunny Wallpaper

Download Easter Bunny Wallpapers

Hoppy Easter from your ALTools Team~! Hoppy Easter!

About Easter, the Easter Bunny, and Easter Eggs

The modern English word "Easter" comes from the Old English "Eastre" (also "Eostre" from the Germanic), from the Anglo-Saxon name "Ostara". Eastre was the springtime and fertility goddess. In other places in the ancient world Eastre was known as Astarte and Ishtar.

Eastre's symbols included the hare and eggs. With rabbits more common than their larger hare cousins, rabbits also became an Eastre symbol.

Many cultures throughout the world have regarded eggs and hares (rabbits) as symbols of fertility and rebirth, and springtime festivals throughout the ages have incorporated these symbols of new life.

In one myth, Eastre turns a bird into a rabbit that lays colored eggs. Other tales have the rabbit banished to the stars, only to return once a year to give its colored eggs to children at festivals for the goddess.

While modern Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, it still retains the hare or rabbit and eggs as symbols of fertility and new life.

Software Easter Eggs

"Easter Eggs" in software are undocumented, hidden things put in software for personal reasons by the developer. They are fun things there meant to be entertaining and are not harmful. Hurray for Easter Eggs!