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St. Valentine's Day Pastel Dreams Desktop Wallpapers

Valentine's Day! An entire day dedicated to LOVE! This February 14th is time again for hugs, kisses, chocolate, candy, flowers and true romance! And what better way to get in the mood for love than to decorate your computer desktop with ALTools St. Valentine's Day wallpapers? And they're all FREE~! Just 1 more reason to pucker up those lips and get ready to smooch this Valentine's Day! It's smooching time!

These 3 high-quality wallpapers come in 6 beautiful resolutions to fit your monitor perfectly. Click any download button to get all 3 wallpapers.


Cupid has his bow strung and he's got his sights on you this Valentine's Day! Enjoy this soothing sky blue wallpaper, and may Cupid hit his mark with you!

Love for the Sake of Love...

Sake of Love
Download Sake of Love wallpaper!

Romantic love can make you feel like you're floating on a cloud just like these two Egghead lovers. There's love everywhere here, and you can have some too when you get this Valentine's wallpaper on your desktop!


Music in Heaven

Music in Heaven wallpaper
Dowload Music in Heaven wallpaper!

Osculation? Philematology? Whatever anyone calls kissing or the study of kissing, the Eggheads think it's pretty good stuff! And what makes kisses so sweet? Find out in this scrumptious Valentine's Day wallpaper.

Sweet Kisses

Sweet Kiss waper
Sweet Kiss wallpaper


From all the Eggheads here at ALTools, peace, love, hugs and kisses this Valentine's Day!