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Title | Terminating ALToolbar Service
Category | ALToolbar
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Dear ALTools Customers,

We are sorry to announce that we will be terminating the ALToolbar service.

Since corresponding to the changes to the online services and internet environment is becoming harder, we have decided to terminate ALToolbar service and seek a better way to provide the service.

After the termination, uploading and creating new data to the online service will not be available, and a backing up service will be provided.

In addition, updating ALToolbar will not be available.

We appreciate you for using ALToolbar, and we truly appreciate that we will have to terminate the service.

After the termination to the service, we recommend you to back up your data.

We will notify you again after the backing up service is available.



* Termination and Back-up Schedule

Note that you must manually download the Favorites data before October 16.

  • Termination Phase 1: OCT 10, 2016 – Terminating uploading and creating new data
  • Termination Phase 2: OCT 17, 2016 – Terminating online functions (Unable to login)
  • Back-up Period: OCT 4, 2016 to OCT 31, 2016 (Only AutoLogin data can be backed up)