Internet Cleaner

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The ALToolbar Internet Cleaner helps to remove information stored by your browser, and keeps your Internet surfing private.

Your Internet browser stores a lot of information about what you do on the Internet. Anyone with the proper skills can look at this information and tell what sites you visited, and even what you did on that site! If you want to keep things private, you need to clean out all that information. The ALToolbar Internet Cleaner can help you do all this quickly and easily.

To use the Internet Cleaner:

1. Click the Internet Cleaner button on ALToolbar
2. Check the things that you want to delete
3. Click the OK button

The ALToolbar Internet Cleaner then deletes that information.

NOTE: Deleting some things can be time consuming if there are many things to delete. For example, if you have never cleaned up your Internet temporary files, you could have 10's of thousands of files to delete, and that could take a while.


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